North Andover Trust Corp. takes a conservative investment approach.
Our emphasis is on the long term, consistent preservation of existing capital in all market conditions.  We work with your accountants and attorneys to produce successful, multi-generational investment and asset management strategies and vehicles to ensure your financial and estate planning goals are met.


North Andover Trust Corp. provides independent, unbiased investment advice.   We are not a dealer, underwriter or market maker in any security. All securities are cleared and all assets are held through Pershing LLC, a subsidiary of  Bank of New York Mellon.   Client account statements are independently produced and sent directly from BNY Mellon. 


North Andover Trust Corp is a locally based firm.  We offer access to a vast array of mutual funds, stocks and bonds in a location close to home, so it is easy to get the personalized attention you deserve.


At North Andover Trust Corp. we understand and respect the importance of preserving the privacy and confidentiality of our clients and their affairs.