At North Andover Trust Corp we bring over 20 years of experience working with clients and their accountants and attorneys to:
                    Preserve Capital
                    Increase Tax Free Income
                    Meet investment and estate planning goals
       Conservative    Independent     Local     Confidential                                                          

Securities are cleared and assets are held through Pershing LLC.  A subsidiary of Bank of New York Mellon. 

Pershing is the custodian of accounts and generates account statements.  

Consolidating accounts with one custodian simplifies the investment process, eliminating the need to communicate with separate fund companies and allows clients 24/7 account access.

Bank of New York Mellon

The Bank of New York Mellon is the oldest US bank founded by Alexander Hamilton in 1784. Trading under the NYSE ticker symbol BK, the Bank of New York Mellon is a leading provider of financial services for institutions, corporations and high net worth individuals, providing superior asset management and wealth management, asset servicing, issuer services, clearing services and treasury services through a worldwide client focused team.
The Bank of New York Mellon has locations across 6 continents in 34 countries with a worldwide staff of more than 40,000 employees. The company has $20.8 trillion in assets under custody and administration and $1.1 trillion in assets under management.
Pershing  LLC
  our clearing partner, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of New York Mellon and is a member of the New York Stock Exchange, BNY at a Glance.


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